How To Reduce Your Stress Level

Everyone wants a clean home. However, most people lack the time and energy required to keep their home at a level of cleanliness that makes them happy and relaxed. Did you know that house cleaning is one of the most common sources of stress? According to a recent online survey conducted on behalf of the Huffington Post, a surprising number of Americans are very stressed out and a major source of their stress is the cleanliness of their home. It seems that 84% of stressed-out Americans surveyed admit that they worry their home isn’t clean enough! Wow, 84%!

It seems it’s not just a woman’s issue either. The study showed that 81% of men and 87% of women experience some level of stress or anxiety about home cleaning and nearly a third expressed being very or extremely stressed by their homes. Home cleaning is near the top of the list for stressors for the average American family, right up there with unexpected expenses, not having enough time with family, time to one’s self, and preparing healthy meals. It’s true: an unclean home can raise your anxiety and stress levels. Research has shown that a dirty or disorganized home can raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol and can also lead to decreased productivity outside of the home in school and in the workforce.

Americans spend a lot of time in their homes relaxing with family, enjoying leisure time activities, dining, and even working from home, so it makes sense that they would want their living space to be clean and free from clutter. The challenge becomes trying to figure out how to enjoy their living space AND have the time and energy to keep it neat and tidy. Decades ago when the majority of American families had one adult living at home full time it wasn’t as much of an issue. Usually the person staying at home was in charge of keeping it clean and picked up. However, with the shift to multiple income streams and more and more families with all adults in the home working outside the home each day, the challenge is huge, and the stress is real.

So what’s the answer? What can be done? How do Americans claim their family, personal, leisure, travel, and fun time while still keeping their living space clean and tidy? The answer is simple, and one that more and more American households are turning to: hire a home cleaning service to help take care of the house cleaning!

Whenever there is a discussion about bringing someone in to clean the family home the talk usually turns to the inevitable guilt that many people (usually women) often feel surrounding the outsourcing of the cleaning of their homes to someone else. There are many reasons for this guilt, but it is primarily due to the basic roles men and women have traditionally played in the home. Typically, women put the burden of home cleaning on themselves, so the stress often falls on them when the home isn’t cleaned.

However, traditional roles for men and women have changed. If society is willing to be open to the roles changing, it must also be open to changing feelings and beliefs surrounding those roles. Since one person can’t do it all, and many Americans are now choosing to work at least part-time outside of the home, it only makes sense to hire someone to do the house cleaning.

More and more busy families are finding relief from the stress associated with the cleaning of their homes with the decision to have regular home cleaning services. If you are considering hiring a home cleaning service, there are a few helpful hints to know in order to find the company/service that is best for your home and your cleaning needs. Once the decision has been made, try following this simple checklist:

Ask family and friends for referrals. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find out what you need to know when hiring this kind of service. Tell them what specifically you are looking for in a home cleaning service, and ask good questions regarding the service they have.
Are they a service or an individual?
Can you speak with the owner?
Are they pet friendly?
How long have they been using their service?
What is the best part? Worst part?

Find out all you can about the company. Do they have a website? FB or other social media page? Once you get their contact information, ask them good questions to find out all you can prior to booking the initial cleaning or the estimate if one is offered.
Are they taking on new clients?
What is their service area?
Are they bonded and insured? Workman’s comp?
What specifically do they offer for services?
Is the owner available to speak with directly?
How is payment made? On line? By check? Cc?
Are they pet friendly?
Do they have employees? Is it a single person service?
Do they bring their own supplies?
What is the frequency per cleaning they offer?
Do they have client testimonials/reviews you can read?
What are their fees? Per hour or per job?

Be sure to ask about breakage, damage, and satisfaction guarantees. The company you want to hire should stand behind its work and its workers. If you’re not happy as a client, what are they prepared to do for you, how will they make it right? This is where a conversation with the owner can be very helpful. Communication is key. Mistakes happen, things will break. You want to be sure the company you hire has a history of being highly responsive sincerely apologetic, and willing to fix or replace anything no matter the cost. They should be willing to do what it takes to make their clients 100% satisfied. This sounds crazy, and I know many companies don’t do this, but there are some who do, and those are the ones you want to have working for you. Some companies will just tell the client to claim it under their own homeowner’s insurance policy or chalk it up to an unavoidable mistake. If this is the company’s history, it is probably best to keep searching.
The bottom line is this: with a just a little time invested and some simple homework on your part to find the best home cleaning company for you, you and your loved ones can reap the benefits of hiring someone else to help you take home cleaning off your to-do list. You too can join the millions of American families with less stress, more time for the things you want to do, and a clean comfortable home!