5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

Whether you are a working mother with two kids, a dog, and multiple running ‘to-do’ lists, or you’re a retired person living a carefree life of travel and leisure, you want your living space to be clean and organized. Here are 5 ways to manage the day-to-day upkeep cleaning tasks between scheduled visits from your maids or cleaning company.

We find that a simple checklist in each room is very helpful when doing upkeep cleaning around your home. Make a simple checklist for every room with a few ‘must do’ tasks (no more than 4) that you want to get done between maid visits. An example may be in the bathroom. This checklist may read: ‘wipe down counter, spray shower (there are a number of wonderful daily shower sprays that help to minimize grime and soap scum buildup between cleanings), wipe down toilet, sweep floor. Keep items needed to accomplish these simple tasks within easy reach.

Make sure you work in small bits of time, we call this, ‘chunking’ your time. If you have a maid or cleaning company coming in every week or biweekly, you should only be doing maintenance or ‘upkeep’ cleaning and this takes very little time. Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend hours cleaning home, this is why you have hired a maid service to begin with, so plan small chunks of time to do the minor upkeep cleaning.

Manage the clutter around your home. Using some simple decluttering techniques will help to mitigate the clutter on surfaces and in various areas of your home and this will make home cleaning for your maids as well as your upkeep cleaning easier and faster. We follow the rule of ‘household physics’ when helping our clients declutter and streamline their homes: Your home has a finite amount of space and will only hold so much ‘stuff’ comfortably and in an organized manner. Once your home has reached this state of being, when something is brought into the home, something must leave. For example; you have decluttered and streamlined your kitchen. You see an adorable cookie jar you simply must have! You purchase it and bring it home, you must then remove something from your home. You can donate, sell it on line, or if it’s broken or unusable take it to the dump. In this way your home will retain a balance of ‘things’ and clutter as well as cleaning won’t be a problem.

Get out of the ‘I will do it later’ mindset. Let’s be honest, you are busy! You have a family, a job, hobbies, friends, responsibilities, and many facets of your life that may tug you in various directions. Waiting til later to do a simple upkeep cleaning task often leads to multiple tasks not getting done which then leads to a longer amount of time spent cleaning, more stress, and a general feeling of overwhelm. If you can get into the mindset, and encourage your family members and those with whom you live to do the same, that ‘there’s no better time than the present,’ tasks won’t pile up and neither will the stress that a long ‘to do’ list creates.

Lastly, if possible, ask family members to do their part. Many people have been raised to believe that it’s a woman’s job to do the home cleaning. Some people still live by this idea and if that works for you, great! The fact is this doesn’t work for many busy families so it then becomes helpful and often necessary for family members to pitch in and help do the upkeep cleaning, why? It’s simple; they live there too! Communicate with your family the importance to you in keeping the home picked up and cleaned (not spotless) between maid visits and ask for their support and help. A simple ‘chore chart’ with a specific task or area of the house assigned to each family member is a great place to start. This takes the burden off of you and goes a long way to reducing stress and a feeling that you ‘should’ be cleaning when you would rather be doing something else.

You can use these simple tips to help keep your home clean and comfortable between scheduled visits from your maids or cleaning company. If you adopt these ideas the dread around home cleaning and the stress that surrounds it will be a thing of the past.