“We clean, you live.” It’s not just our motto, it’s our mission.

Professional house cleaning services in Bangor, Brewer, Hampden, Holden, Hermon and surrounding areas. Our maids are fully trained and offer consistent and reliable home cleaning that’s convenient and affordable. We are fully bonded and insured.

Our thorough cleaning system ensures every house is cleaned to perfection, every time. Our managers inspect every service before we leave a home to double check our clients needs and our very high standards are always met.

We offer a variety of services, from one-time Spring/Fall cleanings to weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly visits to keep your home looking and feeling great. We also have add-on services to customize your home cleaning to exactly fit your needs.

Our maids are given a thorough background check and must pass a detailed training program before they are able to clean your home. This results in some of the hardest working, most detail-oriented home cleaners in Maine. They are the best around and we are immensely proud of them!

Text us at (207) 385-5900 and setup a FREE ESTIMATE today!


Weekly home cleaning– $120 and up, depending on size of home*

Bi-Weekly home cleaning– $165 and up, depending on size of home*

Monthly home cleaning $220 and up, depending on size of home*

Spring/Fall cleaning or Move-In/Move-Out – Starts at $395, Individual Case Pricing depending on sq footage


“I am a real estate agent and had a home in Bangor to sell for a client. Signature Interiors showed up on time and did an amazing job making the house sparkle! I believe this was one of the reasons it went under contract within 24 hours. I will recommend and continue to use their services. Attention to detail sealed the deal.”

– Lisa Caron, 5 stars

“Nothing but good things to say about this company’s service! I’d highly teccommend them to anyone looking for regular home cleaning.”

– Adam Thibodeau, 5 stars

“The Signature Interiors team went above and beyond!!! I’m in my third trimester and not ashamed to admit it but as a single parent with two companies have no time to clean. After a couple of months of build up I started looking and found Signature Interiors. I wouldn’t say this company cleaned…. they DETAILED my apartment. Furniture moved, corners spotless!!!! Highly recommend Signature Interiors!”

– Nicole Ariana, 5 stars

“I am so amazed at the service I receive. I trust Signature Interiors completely to make sure my space is perfect. I am so relieved when they come, I know they will always do a fantastic job! They are always on time and flexible as well.”

– Katrina Petersen, 5 stars

“I am beyond thrilled with the service I received today! Signature Interiors did a fantastic job cleaning my entire home. They thought of things and cleaned places I would never have expected them too. I HIGHLY recommend that you try them out!!”

– Shannon Ludden, 5 stars

“Signature Interiors detailed my home this past Tuesday and did a fantastic job. We are very pleased with their dedication to excellence and look forward to having them here on a regular basis! Highly recommend them to anyone who wants/needs a helping hand making their home clean, pleasant and relaxing!”

– Kathy Waugh, 5 stars

“Signature Interiors did a wonderful job cleaning my home! They paid attention to every detail. I can’t wait for them to come back, especially with all the mess the contractors are making!”

– Marilyn Gott, 5 stars

“Great detail cleaning!!! So thorough, very professional and personalized. All of our detail cleaning needs were met. They took time to ask about certain needs and various parts of our home which was a nice touch.”

– Kirsten Ismail, 5 stars

“I am beyond thrilled with the service I received today! Signature Interiors did a fantastic job cleaning my entire home. They thought of things and cleaned places I would never have expected them too. I HIGHLY recommend that you try them out!!”

– Shannon Ludden, 5 stars

It looks and smells great! Your team did an excellent job!

– Benjamin Smith, 5 stars

“On a friend’s trusted advise… We called for assistance in Spring cleaning!
OMG! These girls ROCKED it! Plus they dealt very well with one barking fur kid and the other leaky (peeing) fur kid!
My house is a HOME now! (And I’m an OCDer).
Totally H A P P Y ! You Peeps Rocked!
I especially like that the job is inspected before finalized!
Brings tears to the OCDer! ���

– Deana R Moore, 5 stars

“I would highly recommend Signature Interiors and their team. They were prompt in getting in touch with me and made my house sparkle on the very first visit. And they are super pet friendly for those pet owners out there!! I can’t wait to have them come every week!!

– Jill Saucier, 5 stars

“I highly recommend Signature Interiors and their team! They are very professional, and always responded quickly to my messages. During my walk-through, Signature Interiors reviewed with me their detailed checklist for what I could expect to be cleaned in each room of my home. Jess and Stephanie arrived on time, and gave my home a thorough Spring Cleaning, as I’ve been unable to clean due to a back injury. These ladies did a wonderful job and went above and beyond my expectations!”

– Julie Ireland, 5 stars

“Having 3 cats and 2 dogs and working 2 jobs makes it hard to keep my house clean…you guys knocked it out of the park! My house has never been so clean! Thank you so much!”

– Emily Spencer, 5 stars

“Signature Interiors team did an outstanding job! Just what I needed to get ready for summer! They were very detailed and I don’t think the house has ever looked so clean! I highly recommend giving them a call to see what they can do for you!”

– Jessica Sturgeon, 5 stars

“Love this service! They are the best, conscientious, hard working, and always pleasant. Can’t ask for more!

– Charlene McGarr, 5 stars

Great work and very reasonable!

– Nancy Gause, 5 stars

This was my second time! They reach areas I’m unable to! They are very thorough, plus they deal well with my fur kids! And Signature Interiors has someone come inspect when the girls are done, to make sure everything is good! My counter tops, the cupboards, the table & all the legs… That’s just a wee bit of what they do! Thoroughly & Completely Happy!

– Deana Moore, 5 stars

Signature Interiors is awesome Clarissa, Sara and Shari completed my initial top to bottom cleaning and my house with 3 small kids and 2 animals hasn’t looked this clean in a very long time! It was so nice to come home after a long week and know that I can enjoy the weekend with my family and not have to clean a thing! They were so thorough!

– Amanda Randall, 5 stars

We just had our first cleaning with Signature Interiors Maid Service, and we couldn’t be happier. The girls did a fantastic job! It was so nice to come home to a clean home and be able to spend quality time with our kids instead of cleaning all evening. We are looking forward to having them return!

– Heather Cyr, 5 stars

We just had ‘winter cleaning’ done; realistically this was a ‘many years of accumulated lived in much overdue deep house cleaning’! As promised, we came home to a “sparkly” clean home -aaaand, there were cookies!! Totally pleased with our experience!!!

– Jeannine Hamlin, 5 stars

I will say I was a little skeptical about having them come at first. But I am very happy that I decided to give them a chance. They did an awesome job on my home. They did just what they said they were going to do. I would defiantly recommend them.

– Twila Goodine, 5 stars

Signature Interiors made me feel very comfortable when I first met with them for a quote as 8 was nervous letting strangers into my home. Their staff was amazing with their detailed cleaning. I felt so relieved to have a clean home to go home to that I finally took some stress off of my plate. I would highly recommend using them and their cleaners!

– Nikki Freeman, 5 stars

Wish we had started using this service sooner! I had wanted to have a cleaning service for years, but it was hard to find someone trustworthy and professional, and my word-of-mouth and internet searches all came up short… until we found Signature Interiors! We’ve used their services for 3 months now, and it is always a relief to have the details taken care of. I literally have not cleaned a toilet, scrubbed a floor, or wiped down an appliance since before Christmas! I have always been pretty diligent about tidying up toys & clutter, but now the details like wiping down cupboards and vacuuming behind the couch are being done on a regular basis too. Signature Interiors employees are courteous and professional – recently I was home with a sick baby while they were working, and they disturbed us as little as possible while still doing a thorough job. I am very detail oriented, and the few times I’ve had requests for the cleaning staff (like extra attention to lighting fixtures) they have always been very responsive. Best of all, I spend more of my weekends and evenings relaxing with my family. This is definitely worth the investment!

– Teagan Roy, 5 stars

Today was the initial cleaning of my home. Brooke and Clarissa did a spectacular job. I came home to a sparkling and cozy house. So glad I took the leap and signed on with Signature Interiors.

– Georgi Freedman, 5 stars

Cleaned a rental property for the next tenant. Amazing job, so easy to use. Simple and straightforward with ready availability. Will use again!

– Ryan Logan, 5 stars

Absolutely amazing team!! So grateful to have them as part of our life!! I’m able to focus on family and still have the confidence that my home is clean! What time I do spend on housekeeping feels like it goes so much further! Thank you for giving me my life back!!

– Miranda Richards, 5 stars

I have been using signature interiors for a few months now and I am very pleased with the staff and their attention to detail! They are very flexible with schedule changes! My house looks and smells amazing when they are finished! Today I had my carpets steam cleaned and I couldn’t be happier! I wish I had done it sooner!! Very happy!!

– Denise Brookings, 5 stars

Great service, very thorough. We’ve just had our “initial cleaning,” and the house has never looked better. Looking forward to continuing to work with Signature Interiors!

– Matthew Biddle, 5 stars

So pleased with our initial cleaning!! What a wonderfully thorough job done by Signature Interiors and their team! Signature Interiors is very responsive to messages and accommodating to requests as well as pet friendly . As a busy family with young kids, we are super excited for weekly cleanings!

– Erin Bell, 5 stars

We have signature interiors do our spring/fall cleaning for us. They are professional and promptly respond to messages. Very pleased with their attention to detail and are always accommodating of our big dog. Highly recommend them!

– Karie St. Peter, 5 stars

Words cannot express what a wonderful job the “Maids” did on getting camp ready for the summer. They were posed with several challenges, including a flooded bedroom and massive amounts of dust, dander and dog hair. They met all the challenges successfully. Everyone is incredibly nice and professional. I highly recommend them.

– Jo Ann Catenacci, 5 stars

Opening up camp in the spring is a chore! It was so nice moving into a sparking, clean camp thanks to this service! It was a huge weight off my shoulders this year!!

– Jill Noyes, 5 stars

We recently used the service for ‘move out’ cleaning. They are thorough and careful. Ceiling light fixtures were cleaned too! I used the service for routine cleaning of home and camp last year (surgery) and they always did an excellent job.

– Helen Genco, 5 stars

My husband and I took advantage of the spring/fall cleaning package and couldn’t be happier with the results! Signature Interiors relied to my inquiry text within minutes, and we set up a day for them to come do a walk through and give me a free estimate. We then scheduled the actual cleaning date and they were very flexible with availability. Then the cleaning date arrived and their team hit the ground running. I have three dogs, and three cats, some of them are elderly and have used our house on occasion as their private potties. Signature interiors maid service did such an amazing job at cleaning all traces of dog and cat hair as well as eliminating their odor. I can’t tell you enough at what a joy to come home to such a clean house!! I highly recommend them and I plan on using them now on a regular basis!! Well worth every penny! ❤️

– Julie Darcy, 5 stars

We are so delighted with the initial cleaning performed by this exceptional service. The maids were very professional, efficient and extremely pleasant to have around. Can’t express enough how nice it was to wake up to a completely clean and fresh home. We look forward to having them back again and again. Many thanks to Signature Interiors and their girls.

– Lois Andrews, 5 stars

My wife and I were pleased with our initial cleaning and the professional manor in witch they were able to work around our lifestyle

– Liberty Justice, 5 stars

Signature Interiors & their team have been amazing! We have 3 dogs, 2 kids & a busy hectic schedule. I didn’t realize how much this would make things better for our family but it has reduced our stress by SO much & kept our house so much cleaner! I am finally able to start decluttering & organizing. Communication is great, service is wonderful.

– Adrienne Crowley, 5 stars

Owner is both professional and friendly. If you’re on the fence contact them and your in person meeting will answer all your questions and put you at ease.

I was out of town for our first cleaning, and returned home to a shiny and clean house. The place both looks and feels good. THANK You ladies!!!”

– Sarah Byrne, 5 stars

I just had my initial cleaning and I am very happy with the results. The service is great; the owner is very responsive and the cleaning was thorough.

– Casey Brann, 5 stars

Excellent cleaning service. All areas of our house were cleaned to the highest standard. I am so glad we found Signature Interiors to clean our house!”

– Eliza Mathias, 5 stars

I consider myself to be fairly neat but have a house full of busy children and pets. I have long searched for an experience similar to having my car detailed. Signature Interiors detailed my home!!!! I’ll admit I had to leave out of fear of what they would find in the corners and and under the couch but I’m simply thrilled. The staff was professional, friendly, and thorough. I look forward to using them in the future. Thank you ladies 🙂

– Courtney Harnum, 5 stars

Thank you so much for making my house shine!! The team of cleaning ladies you sent was professional and courteous. They did an amazing job! Looking forward to having you take care of my home from here on out!

– Tiffany Nowicki, 5 stars

We’ve tried several different cleaning services and this is by far the most professional. We were told exactly what to expect and the ladies delivered! When we came back home after the initial cleaning we were not met with an overwhelming smell of cleaning products. That was proof positive that our house was deep cleaned and not somewhat cleaned and then sprayed with chemicals to mask what wasn’t cleaned. We are very pleased and look forward to the “maids” returning. Thank you Signature Interiors!

– Julie Helwig, 5 stars

I am so happy that we decided to go with your company! The level of detail was above and beyond what I had expected. Your team was very professional and made sure to leave me a list letting me know what exactly was cleaned. I would highly recommended your business and look forward to having you take care of my cleaning needs in the future.

– Keely Robinson, 5 stars

An outstanding job done by this group of professionals – the pride in their work clearly shows. I struggled just thinking about hiring a maid service, but I am glad I did and grateful this is the one!

– Eric Ritchie, 5 stars

Signature Maids did a much needed remarkable, detailed cleaning of my home last week. The Maids were pleasant and went above and beyond my expectations. My house smelled clean and fresh and l have signed up for continuing services!

– Mary Hollister, 5 stars

Had my initial cleaning today. Amazing! Looking forward to their follow up visits.

– Jori Briggs, 5 stars

Don’t look any further for an amazing company. We have a fairly large home with teens, pets and two adults and I really needed some help getting a big top to bottom clean done. I’m so grateful that we found Signature Interiors. Worth every penny and then some.
Under furniture, corners, base boards, under cushions, window sills, my shower heads are sparkling..I didn’t even know they could sparkle. Our house looks and smells amazing. The team of ladies that descended on the house are lovely, polite and they mean business..they did more in a morning than I could do alone in a week and they did it so much better!
They’ve been great with a giant, goofy dog, an ancient little cat, a sleeping (night shift) hubby, our special needs young adult daughter..I couldn’t have asked for kinder or more patient women. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to give this gift to myself and my family. No stress, no mess and the time I get back can be spent with my family. You’ll never regret making the call.”

– Allyson Sorenson, 5 stars

When I set out to find a cleaner to help me, I wanted someone who I was comfortable having in my home when I was not there! I liked Signature Interiors instantly. The girls they sent to do the initial cleaning were very sweet and respectful. It was a large undertaking, but they got right to work! Thank you all for making my house sparkle!

– Kristi Santos, 5 stars

Professional and prompt with quality results. Very happy with the services provided– Signature Interior’s team is amazing!

– Lindsey Young, 5 stars

The ladies were fast, efficient & effective. My house never looked so good from top to bottom on the same day.

– Diane Strauss, 5 stars

These people are wonderful! They work hard to please their clients, to make sure they’re 100% satisfied. My husband and I contacted Signature Interiors Maid Service as our anniversary gift to each other, and from the very start Signature Interiors and their staff were professional, friendly, helpful, and eager to do the very best. I can’t believe we waited so long! Grateful for Signature Interiors!!

– Deb Young, 5 stars

Signature interior maid service did an awesome job to my home today they came out in the storm! they were so pleasant professional kind I couldn’t ask for better people! definitely a five star company and I would recommend them to anybody reasonable rates!❤️

– Coco Pacholski, 5 stars

Came home to a house that sparkled like it’s never sparkled before. Thank you Signature Cleaners! I highly recommend.

– Tracy Ronan, 5 stars

The owner who came to do the initial estimate was thorough and personable. We got all the info we needed to make the decision to move forward! The team who came were amazing. They asked detailed questions to understand our needs and they made our home sparkle. It was SO nice to come home the day of our initial cleaning. We are looking forward to our future appointments. The BEST decision we ever made for our home!

– Jetty Marie Karmes, 5 stars

Had our initial “deep” clean today. We pleased with our great our home looks. Staff were polite, pleasant and thorough. Everything we were told would be done was done! Highly recommend!

– Brian Thibeau, 5 stars

I highly recommend Signature Interiors. The girls did an amazing job. No surface was left untouched. The moved all our furniture to clean underneath and even cleaned my sons high chair and play table. They did all the cleaning that I just didn’t have time to get to. We are so impressed and I feel like such a weight is lifted off me as I no longer have to worry about tackling all this cleaning with another on the way! The girls were professional and kind. I had a few requests that I thought were kind of silly but still wanted to mention (like cleaning the slate of my sons crib), and they assured me that no request was silly and they had kids too. It made me feel so comfortable!

– Hannah Prescott, 5 stars

We have a decent size house with 4 bathrooms, 4 cats, 2 dogs and an 88 year old mom living here. Who has time to clean? I called Signature Interiors and Signature Interiors came to the house to meet us. We showed them around while they took notes. They were personable but professional. We scheduled their company to come clean. Let’s see how this goes. THAT was the before. The after consisted of three women arriving at my door on time ready to work. And work they did but they seemed to make it look effortless. They knew what they were doing. We could tell. When they were finished our house glistened. Truly glistened. They changed the sheets on the beds, emptied all the waste baskets and trash cans. I texted Signature Interiors and got on the schedule for them to come every other. What a load off our minds. Oh, they also use pet friendly cleaning products. Highly recommend. Yay!

– Nancy Wharton, 5 stars

“I was very pleased with our initial cleaning. The team was on time, friendly and were very thorough! Looking forward to bi-weekly cleanings and never worrying again about finding the time to keep up with everything!”

– Kristen Perry, 5 stars

Truly an amazing process from start to finish. Kristen came in and looked everything over. The estimate she gave me was much more reasonable than I expected for all of the work that they’d be doing. The next day, three women lugged all of their equipment in and, while I worked in my office, they brought the sparkle and life back to my floors and to everything they touched! Furthermore, they actually seemed to enjoy the work! I can’t recommend Signature Interiors enough! Thank you!!

– Millay Freschi, 5 stars

“Absolutely loved our initial deep clean and are excited to start our biweekly cleaning sessions! This team is kind, professional, and clearly takes pride in what they do. I couldn’t find a streak or a speck of dust anywhere in our house. Thank you so much for your amazing service!:

– Daniel Callaway, 5 stars

“Signature Interiors are AMAZING! With a family of 5 who are always on the run, it can be difficult keeping up with all the housework! Thank you to all the staff who helped make our home look spotless and for bringing a smile to my face! Highly recommend! 🤩👍🏼”

– Jennifer McNulty, 5 stars

About Us

You have a life, and our goal is to keep your home or office cleaned, organized, decluttered, and streamlined so you can get busy living!

Prior to our first visit to the space to be cleaned we have our clients and potential clients fill out a questionnaire which lets them share every unique aspect of their needs as well as what their expectations are and what they want the ultimate outcome to look like. We do our very best to make sure our client’s expectations are met at every step in the journey.

Because we know that your family’s health, your pet’s health, and the environment are important to our customers we offer cleaning services which utilize the safest and most effective products on the market today. We treat your home as if it were ours!

We believe that every client deserves a dependable, on-time, honest, hard-working, dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy home/office cleaner. And that is exactly what we offer at Signature Interiors Maid Service.

We offer a wide variety of services for our client’s home or office space. Please visit our ‘Services’ page to see all the services we provide our clients.